Belgian Water Ski Showteam

In 2011, the Belgian Water Ski Showteam was founded to compete at the very first World Championship Competition in the United States of America in 2012. Since then, the team has competed at every world competition. In 2025, the team will participate in the 6th edition, held in Mulwala (Australia).

The Belgian team exists out of water skiers from different teams in Belgium and outside of Belgium. Water skiing and show skiing in particular is a growing sport. We have noticed a considerable increase of skills during practices and competitions. The fact that since the first Worlds some Belgian skiers started water skiing in the USA, China, Australia and Germany shows that Belgian skiers are getting better and it shows good promise for future competitions.

The team is led by Jordi Dom and Lieselotte Gilis as co-show directors.

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The road to Australia

Follow our journey to Australia! Our team is training hard for the next world championship in Australia!

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Team 2025

Ryan Bax
Elias Bosmans
Thimi Christiaens
Kenneth Devriendt
Jordi Dom
Gilles Hardy
Mario Lagae
Jarre Michiels
Mike Resseler
Jens Sevenhant
Olivier Soenen
Zay Teunissen
Sven van de Kruijs
Jason van de Laar
Maxim Vandemoere
Cedric van Dorst
Stijn van Eenoo
Simen van Haesbroeck
Arne van Maele
Carlos van Maele
Gilles Vervaeck

Zina Berrens
Britt Geenen
Margo Geens
Caro Gilis
Dagmar Gilis
Lieselotte Gilis
Sophie Gilis
Jana Jansen
Yana Lagae
Iza Resseler
Kato Resseler
Yonie Sevenhant
Kelly Stultjens
Charlotte Taveirne
Ine Vandeweghe
Anouk van Haesbroeck
Fleur Vos

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